How do I get diamonds?

You can get diamonds by purchasing them through our Stripe payment portal or get them for free by completing offers from AdGate Media, Peanut Labs, or TapJoy. The offers for free diamonds can be found in our store under the “Free Diamonds” button.


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    Ray Arfi Suryadinata

    #118328 Lords Mobile -- I didn't receive my Diamonds

    (AdGate Media)

    Type: I didn't receive my Diamonds
    Offer Name: Lords Mobile
    Offer Requirements: Install, Open and Reach Character Level 15. 
    Reward value: 2528.00
    I have reached lv 15 more but I still have not got the diamond

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    +я тоже

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    ase cosmod

    Sing! by Smule

    Type: I also didn't receive my Diamonds

    Offer Name Sing! by Smule

    Offer Requirements : Install, Run the app and finish the 1 song.

    Reward value: 3150 diamonds

    i finish the requirements and still no diamonds added to my account please i need the diamonds :( 

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    Pedro Henrique Mendes Nogueira

    Tipo: Eu não recebi meu
    Nome da Oferta de Diamantes :
    Requisitos de Oferta de Lords Mobile : Instalar, Abrir e Alcançar Nível de Caráter 15. 
    Valor de recompensa: 2528.00
    Eu alcanço lv 15 mais mas ainda não tenho o diamante,
    eu não entendo 

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    devin sims

    sorry miss clicked but any way 


       i didn't get diamonds

    for completing all requirements for downloading vikings and getting to level ten on android  

    the reward was 6000 diamonds 

    my user name is drako10702

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