What if I don't want to give up my extra accounts?

If you have more than one account and you don't email to remove your excess accounts you run the risk of getting banned from the site. If the bots become aware of your multiple account names they will deactivate them all and ban your ip - not fun for anyone! If you have more than one account account email and they will help you get it sorted out. 


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    hi... why is my account ddarkangel is blocked from chat...and why all ppl say if u got more then one account...i got 4 pc in the house and ofc 4 steam accounts legit for my desktop and my laptop ar loged with difrent steam accounts/mails/ and ofc difrend ip adress so why is this a crime and why they ar blocked from chat on even on my phone ddarkangel is blocked from chat....wann im not at home i use this account on the application ?!

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