What are the SLIVER chat rules?

No swearing, creative or otherwise. Be respectful of other users. Be respectful of our steamers (they can see what you’re posting). NO comments on the physical appearance of our streamers. Do not SPAM. Breaking these rules will result in a 15 minute timeout for the first offense, 1 hour timeout for the second, 1 day timeout for the third, and a full year timeout for the fourth.


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    how can this broke rules when i say ( its anouying to loss dailyrewards because some users have use multi accounts and many viewers got banned in that time at they can solve this / look user's accounts and i also told in same message at good job sliver mods  I know it's not easy to look so many accounts through keep up good work.... posting this i got timeouted and this mod havent dm me back i have 2 times send him message where i ask what its the reason and can we solve this issues because there is no reason to give that time out to me i havent broke eny rules ( i have read rules in sliver page ) ive been timeouted now over a month but couples mods have told me at i need to sit this down when i ask why what wrong i have post to deserve this no one have answer that to my english

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