I was put in timeout, now what?

If this is your first time being put in timeout then you need to wait 15 minutes before you can chat again. However, timeout times increase if you do not learn your lesson the first time: 1 hour for the second offense , 1 day timeout for the third offense, and a full year timeout for the fourth offense.


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    This needs to be looked over, since you can be timed for small things. This timeouts are ridicules.

    It should be 3 different types.

    One timeout, one temporary ban and one instant ban

    a timeout vary between 15 sec to 1 hour

    a temporary ban vary maybe between 1 day and 1 month

    While an instant ban might just be for life, because if you deserve an instant ban then maybe you should go somewhere else. ;D

    You can add so much more to this on how it can work but I belive this is a good start.

    I will make a ticket about this aswell so I know someone will read it ^^

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