I'm getting an error message!

If you are getting an error message scroll over the red error to see what the exact error is. It may be that the skin you won is out of stock which means you will need to wait until we restock our skins in order to claim it. Don't worry though, your skin will remain in your unclaimed inventory until we restock and you click "claim". 


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    i am getting an error mesaage "failed to connect to server". How to solve that??

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    József Gazsi

    me too get this message, and I've been waiting for a lot of time, but nothing has happened

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    stephane yvetot

    Bonjour, j ai gagné une m4a4 assimov et depuis 3 jours je n'arrives pas à la retirée.

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    Peter Nadanyi

    I have an error message which claims that i have reach max. number of windraws for a day....funny thing i windraw only one skin, and the day passed and i still have it as an error

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    Vladislav Keler

    trying to get things out for 5 days in a row, nothing works out, I really do not like it ....(Falled to connect to server)

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    The skin withdraw still failed because failed to connect to server.

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    I wanted to pick up the skin, I could not because of an error. When can I get my skin?

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    hurry up, im waiting for 2 months to take my skin and i cant

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    Carlos Ribeiro

    i win a skin and the site said that i have to wait 2 weeks after join sliver to withdraw i use this site in months how is this possible ?? 

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    Rudi Schwitzki Junior

    5 days waiting stock Rugged (Orange) - SCAR-L

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