Hey! Someone changed my username?

Usernames that contain offensive language or adds for other websites will be changed. We will remove all of the website address from your username and leave anything that is not related to the other website, example: Abc123OTHERCSGOSITECOM will be changed to Abc123. If your username is just a web address it will be changed to "UniqueUser" followed by a number. The same goes for usernames with offensive words in them. The offensive word will be changed to bubbles. 


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    Hi i need restart my account beacouse i changed stream and i cant now stream in this website can you help me pleas ? i need reset or delete my acc in Silver.TV but i have in loot paypall 5E and i wanna take this reward ::(

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    Joseph Cooper

    hey currently my username is ih3scheg98 is there some way you can chang it to Dragon Ninja. if it's taken, just contact me at OK; thanks.

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