If I send multiple messages will I get help faster?

No. Sending multiple messages will actually slow down the response time because it will take longer to sort through them. 


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    this site is a poop but i have got more tickets to the winner and i win a case more nothing i lost 1 ak fros mysty .im very hungry to this site


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    nadeem shaikh

    i have mistakely claimed my Choose-Your-Own GFUEL Starter Kit reword can you give me diamond and i havent use the code plzzz

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    Oliver Høj-Jørgensen

    Sliver can explain to me. I have used 1200000 tickets on the M9 Bayonet | Doppler where there was also 5-50 Steam Credit and I did not get just one of the things now when I have spent 1.2 million tickets. It took my long time to merge all the coins together ??


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